I began formulating after my daughter contracted a parasite infection during a play date at the age of 10. She developed sores on her scalp that left bald patches and was taken to a Naturopathic doctor who addressed the issue internally.  However, I still had the external to contend with.  Not able to find anything that worked to rid her scalp of the sores, I began researching the condition and learnt how certain herbs could be effective. Having some knowledge in the use of herbs due to my mother, great aunt and grandmother's guidance, I began formulating and developed a hair pomade with the goal of healing the sores and stimulating hair growth. Within two weeks of consistently applying the pomade, the sores dried up and my daughter’s hair began to grow back. It was then that the vision of OuBél Beauty was born. It has taken years of diligence in research, a lot of trial and error, sweat and tears, disappointment, fear, doubt and continuous prayer for OuBél to reach this stage. OuBél is not simply a cosmetic brand, it is hope and vision realized. It is fueled by a desire and passion to see lives transformed in a practical way though the creation of clean, simple, and effective skin care products from natural and or organic raw materials.

To everyone who has struggled with me on this journey, my heart felt gratitude. For all of you who are reading this and will purchase or have purchased a product or two, thank you for allowing OuBél to be a part of your transformation journey. We appreciate your trust and are blessed to be a blessing, because of you.

You look beautiful!


With Love,
Wendi Felician
Founder & CEO
OuBél Beauty Inc.